I tweet a lot. I blog intermittently about all sorts of things that interest me. Most of it relates to primary teaching, science and technology education, and sceptical inquiry. I also collate online resources for teaching science and technology.

I reserve the right to change my mind on any of the topics I blog about. If you’re interested in helping me change my mind, please write to me in the comments on any post, or use the form below. I enjoy engaging in graceful disagreement and constructive argumentation.

I believe that the Oxford comma is useful in writing lists.

About Me

Charlotte, December 2014

Charlotte, December 2014

I have a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Graduate Bachelor of Education (Primary). I was a primary school teacher with Education Queensland for 6 years, teaching in remote, regional and city locations. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland (UQ), focusing on the development of scientific scepticism from a psychological perspective. My research looks specifically at the claim made in many curriculum documents around the world that “learning science helps people to make good decisions.”

I also teach four courses at UQ. One of the courses I co-ordinate, EDUC1706, has its own Twitter account, which I invite primary teachers, science teachers, and scientists to follow so that they may engage with my pre-service teachers about their learning.

I am passionate about primary teaching, science education, technology education, and preparing pre-service teachers to become proficient teachers of science and technology.

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