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Last week our students presented their posters at our culminating event, the (4th) annual EDUC1706 Science Fair.

In their own time, and in pairs, students were required to undertake a scientific inquiry, keep a science journal, and produce three products: a complete report of their findings and implications, a poster that communicated their research and results to their peers, and a reflection on how this project contributed to their professional development as teachers.

Students produced some spectacular posters, featuring scientific research that demonstrated a strong understanding of scientific inquiry and the various methodologies for producing new data. Discussions showed that students were developing good understandings of conventional scientific concepts, as taught in primary schools around Australia.

The Science Fair gave students an opportunity to interact with their instructors and with guest judges (scientists and science communicators) who provided feedback to students about their projects, which students may choose to incorporate into their final reports. The report and reflections were due last night, so I haven’t had a chance to read them yet.

A committee of students ensured that registration and peer judging were completed smoothly, and also organised food for the 150 students at the fair and prizes for the winners of the peer judging. They made the Science Fair run so much smoother for Tony, Mary, Ann and I! We could complete our judging duties without worrying that students were not present, hungry, or disorganised.