This film follows UK science teacher Alom Shaha, known for his work on the Why Science? Project, as he goes on a journey to explore the use of demonstrations in science teaching. The film tells an interesting story and is primarily intended to encourage secondary science teachers to think about how and why they use demonstrations in their teaching. It is hoped that it will stimulate discussion amongst science teachers and others with an interest in science education about what constitutes ‘best practice’ with demonstrations.

Demo: The Movie is part of a wider campaign called Get Set Demonstrate which aims to support teachers and technicians in getting more impact out of school science demonstrations.

Teachers watching the film on their own can use the discussion questions the teachers’ notes to help them reflect on their practice. However, discussing the ideas raised in the film with colleagues is a valuable exercise. It is therefore suggested that the film be used as part of a departmental meeting or during initial teacher training. The teachers’ notes discuss some ways in which the film might be used, in addition to providing some questions to help discussions before and after watching the film. Some suggestions for further reading and links to other related resources are also provided.