I was SO NERVOUS before my presentation. I felt like I might lose my lunch, or faint. I very, very rarely feel this way; I can’t remember the last time.

First, I loaded the wrong version of my PowerPoint but didn’t realise until I clicked for the second slide and a different one to the one I was expecting came up. Then the wifi request kept popping up and interrupting my presentation. This interfered with my line of thought and I feel I lost some coherence. My voice was all funny and gravelly because I was so nervous. Finally, I ran out of time because someone in the audience wanted to argue about whether or not climate change was anthropogenic. I wish I had practised more.

I think the talk did stimulate some thoughts in the audience (of 24 people) about how science might be useful for non-scientists, and there was a great discussion about the generational change that is needed to have truly scientifically literate teachers prepare a scientifically literate generation of students. I learned some things about how to make a better presentation for next time. Best of all, Sibel Erduran sat and gave me some references to read that will help give me a stronger framework for analysing arguments in future. Maybe I can rewrite the paper for a journal, with some of my new understandings and analysis following my exploration of these papers…