Last week, at the conference, Professor Joe Redish recommended these posts from the blog Infinite Spider to me. They are written by a lifelong learner, Ann Johnson, who also happens to be an experienced primary teacher, and they describe her experiences of teaching science using inquiry pedagogies in the primary science classroom.

Part 1: Inquiry Based Science in the Classroom

Part 2: Exploring How Inquiry Based Science Works

To my pre-service teachers: how does this add to your understanding of inquiry pedagogies in a primary science classroom? What experiences have you already had with teaching inquiry in science? Does the prospect of teaching inquiry excite you or incite fear in you? What questions do you still have about teaching inquiry?

To my other readers: what are your thoughts on Ann’s experiences? Do they reflect your own experiences with inquiry pedagogy in the primary science classroom, or in other science classrooms?

I look forward to reading about your thoughts, ideas and experiences!