Dear pre-service teachers,

The ideas presented in any single class may or may not be on a test, or relevant to any other piece of assessment we task you with, now or later. But it will be applicable to your future career, for which the proposed tests of literacy and numeracy are not particularly useful (I’m sorry).

When you get paid to teach, they expect you to know this stuff, and to use it to make good decisions about what to say, do, teach, and how to respond to the needs of students. You never know when it’s going to come in handy.

We are giving you a safe space to explore these ideas, this research, the evidence, and the theories now, because we fear you will not have as much freedom (or time) to do so later. Read the readings. Attend the lectures. Ask us questions. Share your position. Take risks. Grow. Learn. Develop.

Study for life as a teacher, and as a learner, as a citizen, and as a free individual, not just for the assessment.

– Charlotte.