Just before the new year, I deactivated my Twitter account(s).

Twitter used to be the conversation I dipped in and out of, to laugh about life, ask questions, share ideas, find friends, and discuss the world. I met my husband through Twitter; I’ve met quite a few amazing people, actually, many of whom I’m friends with in the real world, now. I’m glad to have those people in my life, to inspire me, to boost me up when I’m feeling down, to add their voice to a new idea, to laugh with me, and to call me out when I’m being silly.

Twitter has become Plato’s cave, where users stare at each others’ shadows on a wall, believing that those shadows are the real world. It’s not. People who are big and important on Twitter are not so big and important in the real world. Issues are superficially discussed, and never quite resolved there. 140 characters is insufficient for the nuance and qualification needed to negotiate toward useful resolution.

It’s been nearly two weeks, and I don’t miss it at all. But if you miss the articles I used to share, you might like to follow one or more of my Tumblr accounts: Mostly Harmless, EDUC1706 (science and science education), EDUC7545 (arts and technologies education).