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I reserve the right to change my mind regarding the issues or ideas I write about, and update content when I do. If you’re interested in helping me change my mind, please write to me in the comments on any post, or use the form below. I enjoy engaging in graceful disagreement and constructive argumentation. If you enjoyed reading a post, or I stimulated some new idea or action, please let me know.

About Charlotte

Charlotte, December 2014
Charlotte, December 2014

I am passionate about primary teaching, science education, technology education, and preparing pre-service teachers to become competent and confident teachers of science and technology. I have a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and a Graduate Bachelor of Education (Primary). I was a primary school teacher with Education Queensland for 6 years, teaching in remote, regional, and city locations. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland (UQ). My research looks specifically at the claim made in many curriculum documents around the world that “learning science helps people to make good decisions.” I also teach several courses in the Primary Education programs at the University of Queensland.

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